Weber`s Charcoal Grilling NJ #316

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Weber`s Charcoal Grilling

Item #: 316
Brand: WEBER
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Weber`s Charcoal Grilling NJ #316
Weber’s Charcoal Grilling: The Art of Cooking With Live Fire™ The inventor of the first covered charcoal grill presents the definitive cookbook on charcoal grilling. The book takes readers through the full range of a charcoal grill’s versatility and is laced with “live fire wisdom” collected from chefs, barbecue champions, and charcoal fanatics. If you’ve ever felt a fascination with live-fire cooking, this is the book for you. A full-color photograph accompanies each of the 115 recipes. Includes a page of note cards. Soft cover; 256 pages 316
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Weber`s Charcoal Grilling NJ #316